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Private Swimming Classes

Private Swimming Classes are a great option for students who learn better with one-on-one instruction. They can help adults and children of all ages improve their swimming skills and feel more comfortable in the water. Private swimming classes can also help people overcome their fear of water, learn swimming skills, or improve their competitive swimming technique. If you are looking for a personalized swimming instruction experience, private classes are the way to go. They are perfect for students who learn best with one-on-one attention or want to focus on specific skill development.

Private Class one-on-one
More Individualized Attention
Improved Confidence
Increased motivation
Personalized Instruction


Semi-Private Swimming Classes

Semi-Private Swimming Classes are a great option for siblings & friends to learn to swim together. They also offer more individualized attention than group classes, which can be beneficial for students who need extra help or want to focus on specific skills. Semi-Private Swimming classes allow two swimmers to join the same class, which is a great way for siblings or friends to learn to swim together and have fun at the same time.

Semi Private Class 2 students to 1 coach
More individualized attention
Increased motivation
Improved confidence
Personalized instruction